About CS Wooster

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Christian Science first generated interest in Wooster in 1895. In the spring of 1910 a meeting was held to organize a Christian Science Society. Rooms were rented in a building on the corner of Liberty and Walnut streets (where the new library now resides). In 1923 the Society became a full-fledged Church, and in 1928 the Church was incorporated. After moving to a location on Nold Avenue for about 20 years, the Church moved to its present address on Cleveland Road in 1949. The Sunday School wing was added in 1952, and a child care room in 1960. After being located in several downtown spaces through many years, the Reading Room wing was added to the Church structure in 1997.

About Christian Science

Why use the word “Science” to describe your religion? Because it can be demonstrated. We see God as the universal, divine Principle underlying the healing work of Christ Jesus. God, by His very nature must be unchanging Truth, invariable Love, operating through timeless spiritual laws. When understood, these laws of absolute good can be applied to every human ill.

About Mary Baker Eddy

about_mbeWho is Mary Baker Eddy? She was born in New Hampshire in 1821, and grew up in a devout Congregational family, and always had a great love God and the Bible. In 1866 she was healed of a severe injury as she read the account of one of Jesus’ healings in the New Testament. This led to her discovery of what she came to understand as the Science of Christianity. Later she wrote the Christian Science textbook. Over the rest of her life she established the Church of Christ, Scientist, and started various periodicals, including The Christian Science Monitor. The religion she founded has spread to many other countries. Mrs. Eddy is generally recognized as one of the most remarkable religious figures of modern times.